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Meet SprucePowered,
Spruce’s new managed
title and closing solution

SprucePowered is a new managed title and closing services solution that enables PropTech companies to form their own title agencies and control the entire transaction experience end-to-end. SprucePowered partners benefit from offering a superior customer experience, while activating an added revenue stream.

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SprucePowered Benefits

Higher Revenues

Partners create a wholly-owned, licensed agency–earning the title and closing revenue as the Title Agent and Settlement Agent.

Managed Services

With Spruce working completely behind the scenes, there is no brand dilution, resulting in a fully owned experience and higher customer satisfaction.

Simple Onboarding

Implementing SprucePowered is easy, with all back-end services powered by Spruce’s proprietary technology and workflows.

Low barrier

Partners receive expert guidance and operational support–from onboarding to everyday execution.


SprucePowered enables ambitious growth and expansion by providing nationwide expertise and a flexible resourcing model.

Predictable Outcomes

Partners define and control their desired customer experience, with consistent speed, transparency, and reporting.